Knowing the Right Running Technique

Knowing the Right Running Technique

Knowing the Running isn’t just about sbobet casino lifting your feet and floating in the air. You need to know the right technique to run optimally.

Running is still popular today. We all know that running is very beneficial for heart health. In intensity, running is included in sports with moderate to heavy intensity (depending on the distance traveled and speed). For those who are well trained and do not have injuries, it is recommended to run at various distances and speeds, in order to improve fitness and overall functional performance of the body. Running with good movement coordination will save a lot of energy and also avoid injury.

Knowing the Right Running Technique

However, there are still many who do not know how to run properly. In order to run properly, you need to know good posture and technique. Here are some things to note:

  1. Body relaxed, not stiff, and slightly leaning forward.
  2. Horizontal or straight forward view.

  3. Swing arms relaxed and continuous (arm bent 90 degrees and swing relaxed at the side of the body).

  4. Set the rhythm and stride length to be precise and regular (not too short and not too long).

  5. When landing, land with the balls of your feet or the center of the ball slightly forward.

  6. Avoid pressing the step too hard into the ground (vertical). Instead, step as if pushing forward (propulsive).

Good technique when running does not develop by itself. It takes special and continuous training for the formation of a better body posture so that it can automatically run with the correct technique. Strong waist and abdominal muscles are the main capital so that the body can stand upright or not slouch. It also takes strengthening for the legs and arms so that the body becomes proportional.

Here are some exercises you can do to strengthen your waist and abdominal muscles. Do the recommended reps. That’s one set, repeat until you reach 5-10 sets.

Pushup on the Wall

High Knees


Arm Swing